Vik In a Box


Welcome to my LHSP 125 Blog! The purpose of this to blog is to give insight upon the topic of identity. What is identity? How do we come to define it? Is it stagnant or dynamic? Many of the posts in this blog address the topic of identity in regards to a variety of subjects ranging from Detroit to Grace Lee Boggs to characters in the life of Charlie LeDuff. The questions I often asked myself about these topics were “What is the identity of the subject?” and “What does this identity further represent about the subject?” This blog allowed me to learn how to identify the roots of identity various themes and pieces of literature. On the left you have a list of my pages which include papers that I have written over the course of the last four months. If you scroll down on the side bar you can find the works of some bloggers that I follow! They are both two very different writers with extremely creative takes on many subjects. I hope you enjoy my work and that of my peers. ┬áTake your time and contemplate, or shoot through it and take away from it what you will regardless, happy reading and best wishes!

With Love,

Vik Santaprakash


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